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Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018 (Autumn Edition) ended with complete success!

Four-day Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018 ( Autumn Edition ) officially ended,the exhibition featured Warrmth's main products: Gas Fireplaces, Electric Fireplaces, Ethanol Fireplaces and Fireplace Accessories.Next, warrmth took everyone to review the overview of the exhibition.


On October 13th, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair was on schedule. Foreign guests from all over the world gathered here. From the first day to the end of the exhibition, there were a lot of people in the exhibition area. In addition to the concerns of the relevant industry, there were also end customers who came to experience it. The customer asked questions from time to time, and our company sent a team of professional engineers to answer the questions on site. Careful explanation, warmhearted service, is the most basic requirements of warrmth for customers.


In addition to the explosive products that were mainly pushed in the past, we also launched new products through this exhibition , the new style makes the foreign guests shine at the moment, and the new technology is to let them praise.


During the exhibition, many foreign guests directly expressed their love and recognition of our products, and looked forward to becoming partner.

Four days passed quickly, our team hosted guests from all over the world. During the conversation, we introduced the advantages and characteristics of our fireplace to them, at the same time, we learned the needs and preferences of our customers, and got a deeper understanding of the foreign fireplace market, which has important implications for the future direction of our company.


The exhibition was able to be held smoothly, and the hard work of the staff behind the scenes was indispensable. The exhibition began preparations three months earlier, from sample selection and transportation, exhibition background design, decorate the exhibition site, reception during the exhibition, and finally to the withdrawal exhibition, every work link contains the hard work of the staff.



Now the technical configuration of the Warrmth fireplace is constantly evolving and updating.We will continue to insist on bringing quality service and excellent technical configuration to our customers.Warrmth strives to be a fireplace brand that builds a close emotional bond with customers.In the future,all members of our company will work together , grow together and produce better fireplaces.