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Five Questions and Answers about Electric Fireplace

As an effective substitute for the real fire fireplace, the electric fireplace does not need to be installed and cleaned. Here are five common questions and answers about the electric fireplace, hoping to help you in purchasing and using it.

1. Why do I buy an electric fireplace?

The electric fireplace capable of heating is the perfect combination of focusing function and practical function. When you want to add decoration to a room, it is best to choose this type of heat source to increase the comfort of the room.
The electric fireplace has the same appearance as the real fire fireplace, but it does not actually burn gas or wood as the real fire fireplace does. Therefore, the use of electric fireplaces does not have the inconvenience and expense of storing firewood or installing gas pipelines at home.


2. How does the electric fireplace work?

As the name implies, heat comes from electricity, so there is no need to install chimneys and emit smoke. On the contrary, the heat generated by the electric heater radiation is completely clean, free of smoke, carbon monoxide, soot and creosote. They are also very efficient; All the heat goes directly into the room instead of losing part of it through the chimney.
In addition, compared with the traditional true fire fireplace, the heat generated by the electric fireplace is completely visible and controllable. You can adjust the equipment according to your preference to supply minimum or maximum heat. You can also choose to turn off the heating function and simply use it as an ornament!


3. How to install the electric fireplace?

The installation is very simple. Most models can be run on standard voltage home circuits without special wiring. Installing an electric fireplace does not require a difficult structure, just positioning the equipment and plugging it into the power supply can quickly and easily enjoy life.


4.What are the advantages of an electric fireplace?

The visual appeal of fireplaces is well known. The traditional true fire fireplace is likely to be limited to large houses that can accommodate extra space and install the required chimneys and flues. The electric fireplace has solved the fundamental problem of the sharp contradiction. For example, apartments, ordinary houses, offices, high-rise buildings, boathouses or saloons can now enjoy the warmth and heat brought by the fireplace.


5. How safe is it to use an electric fireplace?

The open fire of the traditional real fire fireplace has certain potential safety hazards for children and pets, which will always make adults more or less worried. With the electric fireplace, you don't have to worry about the real fire danger. On the contrary, the device only simulates the appearance and feeling of the real flame. In addition, these devices are very robust and can reduce the risk of tipping and tilting.