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Warrmth Practice Environmental Protection and Provide Green Products

In the current "environmental protection" policy, Warrmth as a professional decor fireplace manufacturer, will protect the environment, save energy and reduce emissions in the process of development, and provide real green and safety products for the society.

Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018

HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair is one of the world's largest and most influential electronic exhibitions Which is hosted by the Hong Kong trade development council of China. It attracts exhibitors from all over the world.The Exhibited products include audiovisual,multimedia,digital image, home appliances, communication and electronic accessories.

INVITATION(Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2018)

Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2018 will be held on October 13-16,2018.We have already started preparing for this exhibition, Our booth is 3F-G40. We sincerely invite you to join us and look forward to meeting you at the exhibition.

Five Questions and Answers about Electric Fireplace

As an effective substitute for the real fire fireplace, the electric fireplace does not need to be installed and cleaned. Here are five common questions and answers about the electric fireplace, hoping to help you in purchasing and using it.

Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018 (Autumn Edition) ended with complete success!

Four-day Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018 ( Autumn Edition ) officially ended,the exhibition featured Warrmth's main products: Gas Fireplaces, Electric Fireplaces, Ethanol Fireplaces and Fireplace Accessories.Next, warrmth took everyone to review the overview of the exhibition.

The WARRMTH trademark registration has finally been approved!

Our fireplace brand Warrmth applied for a registered trademark in China in 2015, and approved in more than 100 countries from the European Union and America in 2017, now protected by law.It provides a legal protection for the long-term development of our Warrmth brand.

History of Western fireplace (I)

From the history of the West, the prototype of the fireplace can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. The architecture and civilization of that period had a profound influence on western modern architecture and culture. The architecture and decorative themes of ancient Greece and Rome are always closely related to people's lives, religion, sports, business and entertainment are reflected in the

Bio-ethanol Fireplace Safety operation manual

Alcohol is easy to ignite and volatile, the burning produces real fireworks, warm and beautiful, but if the operation is not appropriate there will be safety risks.So pay attention to keep safety during use it , Follow the correct method to avoid harm.

What Are The Advantages of Electric Fireplaces That Use Heating Wires?

Nowadays,the electric heating wire is widely used by the various fields of production and life,the technology R&D are becoming more and more mature,with better and better quality,and more and more safer.So the fireplace by electric heating,because there are many advantages,such as quick heating,energy-saving and safety and so on,is the best choice for broad user all the time.