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Bio-ethanol Fireplace Safety operation manual

Alcohol is easy to ignite and volatile, the burning produces real fireworks, warm and beautiful, but if the operation is not appropriate there will be safety risks.So pay attention to keep safety during use it , Follow the correct method to avoid harm. Warrmth list some point, please note:


1.Bio-ethanol fireplace Daily use precautions:

(1) Alcohol storage for Bio-ethanol fireplaces must be in a safe and cool place

(2)  Bio-ethanol fireplace uses 95% biomass energy alcohol

(3)  Alcohol should be taken care of during the use of fireplace.Don't let children and pets close to the Bio-ethanol fireplace to avoid burns

(4)  Don’t put Bio-ethanol fireplace on the entrance and exit of the street, to avoid the danger of strong wind blowing against the flame of the Bio-ethanol fireplace.


2.Bio-ethanol fireplace ignition operation precautions:

(1) Bio-ethanol fireplace must be 10-15 cm below the mouth.

(2) Alcohol filling in the burning chamber of the

(3) The Bio-ethanol fireplace needs to wait 10-20 minutes after the alcohol cool down, and then add it. It can’t be added during the burning of the Bio-ethanol fireplace to avoid dangerous accidents (important)

(4) Use the provided ignition rod to dip some alcohol in the Bio-ethanol fireplace burning box, then ignite the ignition rod head and put it into the Bio-ethanol fireplace combustion box to ignite the alcohol.

(5) The alcohol fireplace will have a slight deflagration phenomenon when Bio-ethanol is continuously lit in a short time, so the ignition rod should keep  a safe distance of about 20-30 cm when igniting.



3.Bio-ethanol fireplace cut-off operation attention:

(1) After ignited, Bio-ethanol fireplace follow the burning of the alcohol will gradually reduce and extinguish. The burning time is determined by the amount of the alcohol and the size of burning box. Shortest 1 hour and longest 10 hours.

(2) If the Bio-ethanol need to be closed during burning, it is necessary use matching fire extinguishing cover or pole to cover or push sliding cover t o cover fire flame. When the alcoholic burning box is cooled, pur remaining alcohol into the alcoholic pot and sealed for preservation.



With the continuous improvement of people’s pursuit of home decoration and quality of life, Bio-ethanol is more safe, Environmental protection,humanity, fashion, and has gradually become an important choice in more an more family decoration. A good fireplace created a warm home. Warrmth reminds you that while enjoying the romance and warmth from fireplace, you must operate according to the rule.